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Cosmetic Dental Procedures

How Cosmetic Dental Procedures Can Aid Your Smile

Here at Fairfax Family Dental Care, our cosmetic procedures not only help with the flaws that can happen to our teeth, such as cracks and chipped teeth, but specific procedures like dental bonding or enamel shaping can help with the visual appearance of our mouths and teeth. Once a kid loses their teeth, it is out of control when adult teeth grow. This means there can be potential gaps, crooked teeth, empty spaces that can appear, and misalignments that will naturally happen due to nature. But sometimes, we encounter situations that cause our teeth to chip or break off. Whether from unforeseen circumstances like a ball to the face, accidentally eating a shell from a seafood dish, or simply eating a hard piece of candy. Cosmetic procedures can fix all these unfortunate events to make it seem like they did not happen. It can even improve your smile if you are not content with what you were born with


Teeth whitening has become trendy since it can improve a person’s smile and appearance. For actors, salespeople, or models, and physical appearance is essential to them and their brand. Making it more important to take necessary actions that can improve their current look. But for many people who do not need it for their brand, it can also help with stains our teeth see over time from eating certain foods and drinks like sodas and coffee. Teeth whitening it would help with the discoloration from what we eat and drink. For psychological reasons, teeth whitening can help improve the strength and health of the teeth.

Fillings for our teeth, specifically white fillings, create a more appealing physical aesthetic to certain people than receiving a silver filling. In terms of appearance, the white filling obviously would match the color of your teeth, which will make it seem like there has been no work done to your teeth. While being healthy in your mouth by not contracting and expanding as a silver filling would when there is a noticeable temperature change from different foods and drinks. Before white fillings, amalgam fillings were more commonly used, but they contained mercury, which is a health risk when composite resins are used. 

In general, veneers are known to look natural and change the look of your smile. But among other things, porcelain veneers help with the durability, longevity, and overall appearance of your teeth and smile. The difference between porcelain and regular veneers is the quality of the product. The porcelain product helps last longer and resists staining and acidic foods/drinks. While the regular veneers do not last as long and are less resistant.

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For people who want to avoid surgeries but still want or need some minor adjustments to their teeth, enamel shaping is a non-surgical procedure that improves the uneven spacing and shaping of your teeth. This is great for people who may need a minor adjustment but don’t want to deal with a surgery. One reason someone may need this adjustment to their teeth, would be because of food or plaque getting stuck in between the stuck in between the spaces of  your teeth, which can create cavities or other oral-related issues.

Meant for cracked, worn-down, and weak teeth, dental crowns are made from several materials, such as metals, porcelain, or ceramics, and are basically a cap or ‘crown’ for your tooth. Dentists use this cosmetic procedure to support the structure of other dental procedures, such as a root canal, but can provide the role of filling in as a regular tooth in terms of no problem chewing or drinking.

Dental Bonding

For not as urgent dental care and cosmetic care issues, dental bonding is another procedure that uses a resin material to help fix discoloration, gaps, and other physical appearance issues a customer may have. It is usually not as expensive as the other procedures because of the length and lack of required anesthesia.

Preparation and emergencies

Since adult teeth are the only bones in a human that do not grow back or heal after it is imperative that we take as much care of our teeth as possible. We understand that emergencies happen, and if they do, Fairfax Family Dental Care is here to help you with the