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Dental Implants near Clifton, VA

No one plans to lose teeth, or to be predisposed to oral care issues that cause tooth loss. When you are faced with an injury causing tooth loss or if you are now able to prioritize your dental health, financially, you may find there are real options for you including a partial or full denture or bridge. If you are in the Clifton, VA area and you will want to consider dental implants as your solution to tooth loss. Don’t ignore the fact that tooth loss could cause more dental issues and more impact on your wallet. Be preventative in how you handle your dental care, whether it’s for a dental implant or for other general dentistry needs.

Dental implants: am I a good candidate?

You may wonder if a dental implant procedure is really for you, or can anyone get one? The answer is although a dental implant is the preferred method to restore tooth loss, it may not work for you. The dental professional will need to examine your current oral state and review your history to see if it is the right fit for you.  For a new dental implant to be possible, you will need to have the appropriate amount of bone left in your jaw. This will require an x-ray to measure what the dentist will have to work with. If there is not enough bone, you and your dental provider will have to re-evaluate the best option for you.

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What are the benefits of a dental implant?

  • Reduce the need for root canals
  • Smile with confidence again or for the first time!
  • Just say no to dentures
  • Keep surrounding teeth stabilized
  • Speech improvement that was affected by tooth loss
  • Reduce tooth decay and the pain associated with it
  • Enjoy eating and drinking again without a painful reminder

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