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Dental Implants Near Herndon, VA

If the time comes to find a dental professional to assess your dental implant or provide general services, consider our state of the art facility near Herndon, VA. We want to give our patients the care that they need to stay healthy and feeling confident about their smile. Our team has immense experience in dental implant surgery. We work with our patients to determine if dental implants are the right choice for tooth replacement.

Are Dental Implants for You?

If you are missing a tooth or teeth because of an accident or an oral health issue, dental implants could be the answer. If you ignore the fact that you need your teeth replaced, you could risk worsening your entire mouth from lack of attention. It’s not just about looks either; your oral health could be in trouble. There are many solutions out there, but the ingenuity, toughness, and ease of use of the dental implant far surpasses other dental devices such as dentures or bridges. After a dental implant has healed, you can care for it as you would the rest of your teeth, including attending routine dentist appointments and cleanings.

Dental Implants Are Used For:

  • Denture or bridge support
  • Tooth replacement without affecting other teeth
  • No need for a removable denture
  • Preventing root canals
  • Preventing premature aging of your smile.
  • Improving your ability to chew food and your speech

Before setting up a date for dental implant surgery, candidates must be seen to ensure that they have good oral health and enough jawbone to support an implant. If you are a good fit, you are sure to find the benefits of a dental implant.

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