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Dental Implants near Annandale, VA

If you lose several teeth in an accident, you may find dental implants to be the most viable solution. Look for experienced dentists, such as ours if you live in the Annandale, VA area. We are pleased to offer our dental implant services as well as meet any other dental care that you need. We work in varied environments from routine cleanings, more complicated procedures, to emergency dental work. Our staff consistently strives toward excellence when it comes to keeping up with trends and innovative waves in the industry, caring for every patient, and executing each procedure.

Whether you are more concerned with how you look or care more about your health, the bottom line is that it may just be necessary. For most of us, we have to be able to eat, drink, even speak minimally to make it through a lot of our daily life and if we ignore the loss of even one tooth, it could be to our detriment. We really don’t realize how everything is so interconnected in the human body until we have a loss or injury. Choose the solution that will be an easy adjustment and with low maintenance and low impact to your budget. 

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Free Consultation for New Patients Near Annandale, VA

Before we schedule your procedure, we are required to examine your oral health and state of your jaw bone and gums for adequate support. There are always partial and full dentures as an alternative, however dental implants would be the most preferred to patients and dental care providers alike.

Our doors and phone lines are open during business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm for dental implant consultations and to schedule any other type of dental appointments for you and your family. Make your dental care a priority, call today!