Flossing is Your Friend

Flossing may seem like one more extra thing you have to do to get ready for your day, but it is important! Make it part of your regular oral care routine and you will feel and see the benefits. Not only does flossing help you get those hard-to-reach pieces of food out from between your teeth, but it also stimulates your gums to keep your mouth healthy! Yes, it’s true! The irritation you provide to your gums causes our immune system to respond and act. This helps to flush out food, plaque, or bacteria present in the mouth.

There are many people who don’t floss because they experience bleeding or pain. When this occurs it is usually because you are likely not flossing enough, or you are flossing too aggressively. If you are flossing too hard, ease up. If you are not flossing enough, the bleeding will lessen once you become a regular and proficient flosser. Keeping your gums healthy is important. Take it from your local dental experts.

More Reasons Why Flossing is Vital

  • Your whole body will receive the positive effects of flossing – Flossing your teeth keeps your whole mouth healthy. In turn this reduces the risk of heart disease, respiratory issues, arthritis, diabetes, stroke. All of  which are related to your gum health.
  • Gingivitis prevention – It is an early sign of gum disease that lead to a plethora of health related issues that you don’t want to have to deal with. Floss and brush on a regular basis to prevent further development.
  • Flossing alone removes almost half of the bacteria and/or plaque from your teeth.
  • Low cost and must have tool: The flosser – Flossing is low cost, low on time and effective in tooth decay prevention.
  • Beautiful smile – Flossing your teeth regularly will whiten teeth, and freshen breath. This makes for a more confident smile. For less than 5 minutes a day, improve your smile and make your health a priority!