Signs You Need a Dental Implant

When it comes to good dental health, practicing the basics such as brushing, flossing, and maintaining a healthy diet are essential. However, there are times when even doing the essentials might not be enough. Over time, you might notice a little more wear and tear on your teeth and gums. Perhaps you’ve recently even lost a tooth following a tooth extraction or accident. Maybe you were born without certain teeth. Millions of Americans lose teeth every year, and dental implants are an increasingly common and easy way to treat this issue. The dentists at Fairfax Family Dental Care in Northern Virginia are here to answer all of your dental implant questions

Experiencing tooth loss is normal among most adults. Some of the most common ways we lose teeth are due to trauma, periodontal diseases, or illness. Maybe you’re wondering whether a dental implant could be the right choice for you? If you are experiencing any of the following concerns, it might be a good idea to consider a dental implant.

1. You are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, or have sustained damage to a tooth.

When you have a gap in your teeth from a missing tooth, this can cause damage and wear to your remaining teeth. By not filling the gap, you also risk potential bone loss and in your jaw area which can cause your jaw to recede. There is also a risk of tooth alignment issues from unfilled gaps. Filling this gap with a dental implant provides better structural support for your other teeth.

2. You are experiencing debilitating tooth pain.

Tooth pain is a common dental issue and can be caused by several underlying issues. If you are experiencing tooth pain that is impacting your daily functions, that might be a sign that something is wrong. The pain might be caused by decay or other periodontal issues. Having a tooth extraction might be a possibility if the tooth cannot be salvaged. This isn’t always a bad thing though; after having a tooth extraction, a dental implant can save you from future dental issues.

3. Your dentures or dental bridge are loose.

If you have dentures or a dental bridge, you might notice over time that they don’t fit quite as well as they used to. This is partially caused by bone and structural changes in your jaw area. Dental implants can help this issue because they integrate directly into the jaw. The titanium structure that anchors a dental implant acts as the root of your tooth and bonds to the jawbone. A dental implant can serve as additional support for your dentures to secure a better fit.

Remember that keeping on top of your oral hygiene habits is the best way to have healthy teeth and gums. Following the loss of a tooth or tooth extraction, a dental implant could be a choice for you. Being proactive and taking initiative is crucial when dealing with your health. As with any major dental decisions, we encourage you to take time to talk to a professional dentist before pursuing services. Our dentistry team in Fairfax, VA can help you make a decision with a free educational consultation.