Month: February 2020

Bad breath can be caused by many common factors such as dry mouth or diet. Talk to your dentist if you are concerned.

The Wonder of Bad Breath

Bad breath is something we’ve all had ourselves and most likely encountered in passing strangers and family members. It can be from forgetting to brush your teeth or eating a mouthful of onions, however, it can also point to a much more serious health issue, so take care.

Our professional dentists have some dietary tips that can keep your smile healthy

Are You Eating Your Way to Tooth Loss?

Unexplained tooth loss can be worrisome, and it should be. Most likely, if you’re losing teeth, then you have more health issues happening. The way you eat can cause inflammation in your system, which leads to a whole host of problems, including tooth decay and loss.

The facts about dental implants line up as a safe and effective way to replace teeth.

Tooth Implant Fact Sheet

Tooth implants continue to be a safe way to replace teeth. There is a lot of information out there about tooth implants, and it can get a little overwhelming. Deciding to get a tooth implant doesn’t have to be confusing. Get the facts first.

The cost of a dental implant can vary from person to person, but there are ways to figure it out beforehand.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Are you considering a dental implant, but intimidated by the possible cost of dental implants? It can sometimes be hard to gauge whether dental implants are financially feasible for your circumstance. Dental implant costs are variable depending on several factors.

Dental implants are a safe tooth replacement treatment option for many people.

Common Concerns About Dental Implants

Let’s say you’re in need of a tooth replacement and are considering a dental implant. Does the thought of oral surgery make you uncomfortable? Or maybe you’re concerned about the invasiveness of the procedure? We want to put your mind at ease by ensuring that dental implants aren’t scary at all.

Talk to your dentist about Invisalign options to straighten the smile of your teen

Invisalign for Your Teen

I remember what being a teenager was like; and worrying about my smile or crooked teeth would have been just one more hardship to cope with. If your teen is a good candidate for the procedure, they can and will smile confidently like millions of other patients!